In the city of Porto to present their songs in the first edition of the Vodafone Mexefest Festival in the "Invicta" city, George Lewis Jr., who signs as Twin Shadow in his musical life, promptly said yes to the idea of climbing to rooftop of Boavista. With a guitar in his hand and a privileged view (inspiring too) he offers the Videoteca Bodyspace one of the songs from his debut album and yet another of his thought - and the collective memory of many of us. After undressing "When We're Dancing" within the limits of its possibilities, George Lewis Jr. played a true American pop institution, the Love, he took a deep breath, measured all the consequences and presented us with a emotionally informed cover - and respectfully dedicated - of "Alone Again Or" away from his rock pulse, but close to the heart. Thankfully we were there to record the moment: if told, no one would believe.

Director and Editor André Puertas Oliveira
Camera André Oliveira, João Cruz
Year 2012

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