Taylor's 1896 Single Harvest Port

Taylor’s possesses valuable reserves of very old Port lying in cask in its historic cellars in Oporto. On very rare occasions, such wines have been launched as Limited Editions. It is now the turn of this priceless wine, in its 125th year of ageing in hand crafted oak casks, to be made available around the world. In 1896 there were 18 casks of Port put aside. Over time, the port gradually loses volume through evaporation. The part of the port that evaporates is known as the Angel's Share. After 125 years only two casks of this precious port remains.
Produced in the magnificent harvest of 1896, one of the finest of the 19th century, it was born at the start of an era of renewal in the Douro valley vineyards after the terrible scourge of Phylloxera.

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João Cruz

João Cruz is a photographer based in Porto, Portugal. He has shot for Port wine companies, restaurants and organizations, among others. His personal work is based on the connection between people and nature, identity and sense of place.

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