Before climbing on stage of the Municipal Theatre of Vila do Conde for a concert with a single date in Portugal, we were knocking on the door of the dressing room of former Fleet Foxes's Joshua Tillman to show the wide audience of Videoteca Bodyspace two of the songs included on his debut album as Father John Misty, entitled Fear Fun. Said and done. "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" and "Only Son of a ladiesman" raw with just men and guitar, came alive in that dressing room where usually one only prepares the voice or spirit for further action. Cute down to the essential, far from that you can hear on album or live, these two songs - among others - proves Joshua Tillman as one of the songwriters to take in account in the coming years. Just ask all those who filled the concert hall that night and surrendered to the beauty here captured for posterity.

Director and Editor André Puertas Oliveira
Camera Amadeu Silva, João Cruz, André Oliveira
Assistant Célia Lamarão
Sound Amadeu Silva
Year 2012

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